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Design with a difference

So how does it all work? Well, to begin with, we suggest you come into the shop for an initial chat about what you would like to have made. 

It goes without saying that whatever we make you will fit you perfectly but we believe that there is much more to design than that. Every one of our clients has individual hopes and needs for their wardrobe and we listen carefully to their thoughts as well as making suggestions that we think will complement their ideas. 

We design for the body in front of us but we also bear in mind when and where the particular garment is going to be worn. If you are attending a wedding at York Minster we will take that into consideration whereas if you are going to a ceremony in the Caribbean that will certainly influence our designs. Perhaps your husband has always wished you would wear stronger colours or your children think that it’s time to make your wardrobe more contemporary? Most importantly of all, your clothes are a reflection of you as a person and our aim is to let that shine through. All of these factors are crucial to our creating unique designs for you.

Within 48 hours of this consultation, you will receive designs, a written description and a quote in the post. This is done free-of-charge and there is no obligation on your part at all.